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Take Your Business to the Next Level
See immediate operational improvement by optimizing systems, processes and surroundings.
Experience the difference a holistic approach to increasing productivity, efficiency and lowering operating cost can make
Automate Manual and Wasteful Processes
Manual processes waste valuable time, effort and resources
Optimize business processes through automation and corporate-wide systems that produce desired outcomes
Stop Energy Waste at the Primary Source
Windows are the weakest part of your building envelope
Reduce energy usage and regulate indoor temperature year-round
Blinds That Do More Than Just Open and Close
Unique architectural and functionality challenges required unique solutions
Use technology to address window challenges that result in heat loss and gain at its source
Streamline Processes that are Sustainable, Reliable and Scalable
Build capacity, increase reliability, standardization, consistency and meet regulatory requirements of day to day operations
Improve operational efficiency using sound Business Process Management and Project Management methodologies
Protect and Preserve
Special properties require special treatment
Preserve heritage properties and showcase new builds while lowering energy costs and protecting contents
COO Featured by Startup Canada and the Coca Cola Foundation
Our COO Selected as a 2020 Woman Entrepreneur Icon
Kara Morgan is selected as one of 13 Woman Entrepreneur Icon by Startup Canada and the Coca Cola Foundation for 2020

Build on a solid foundation

Use the Right 
Firefighting. Bottlenecks. Downtime. Overwhelm. Discomfort

PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions takes a holistic approach to Business Process Management and efficiency. We provide tools and products along with consulting and advisory services designed to meet the needs of professional service providers in streamlining operations and increasing productivity. We are one of the only process improvement companies to address environmental, physical and operational challenges from a holistic perspective. 

Our unique approach to productivity and efficiency doesn’t stop at improving processes, we look at all factors that affect productivity and output. At the centre of this approach is increasing the capacity of professional service providers that is sustainable, reliable, scalable and efficient. This gives our clients a unique advantage over their competitors.

Our innovative PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ for example is an eco-friendly technology/product that significantly reduces energy costs and Green House Gas emissions – particularly useful for Governments, Hospitality, Education and the Food and Beverage industries.

Take your business to the next level with PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions. Our customized, results-oriented solutions are designed to meet the needs of micro and multi-national businesses. Let us help you increase your productivity, efficiency and functionality. Contact us today and get started! .

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Outsourcing Solutions

Efficiency tools to streamline your operations, increase productivity and profits with innovative result-oriented tools

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Solar blind Solutions

Reduce carbon emissions, GHG’s and energy consumption in your home or business with our solar blind product/tech

Operational Efficiency solutions

Service Solutions

Business services focused on efficiency, planning, profit and scaling

Product Solutions

Energy efficiency products that reduce business operating costs

Advisory Solutions

Strategic business advice focused on reducing operating expenses

Industry Solutions

Business Process Management and Energy Efficiency sectors solutions

Would you like to start a project with us?

Either you are looking for solar Eco friendly blinds for you home or business or looking for a business solution specialist, We can help! Contact Us Today!

Energy Efficiency solutions

End Window Leaks

Windows are the weakest part of your building envelope. They are responsible for 50-70% of the heat loss in your building structure

Reduce Energy Use

It is 3x more economical to eliminate a watt of energy use than to produce a watt of renewable energy. Retrofits and renos are not the only options

Reduce GHG's

Insulating your windows is the best, fastest and most efficient way to reduce carbon emissions and green house gases

Featured Energy saving Services


We provide a free initial consultation and onsite visit where we take preliminary measurements which is used to generate the estimate. We also demonstrate how the blinds block heat and glare so you can ‘see and feel’ it firsthand.

Energy Process Management

Energy management is part of a larger business management process. We will work with your Energy Team to find the most efficient ways to reduce waste and increase occupant comfort after installation or as a stand alone service.

Responsible Sourcing & Sustainability

Reducing carbon emissions and GHG’s is a primary concern for most businesses. Let us show you how our PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ can help integrate green tech and material into your supply chain.

A Few Words From Our Founder and COO

Kara Morgan

“As an entrepreneur, I know how challenging it can be to manage work and family obligations. There always seems to be something to do, somewhere to go or some new marketing thing you need to learn. With so much on your plate, the last thing you want to do is waste time! I for one, can't stand waste - wasting time, wasting effort, wasting money; wasting resources, it drives me nuts. One of my biggest frustrations is doing something or going somewhere only to find out after the fact that there was a faster way to do it or get there - NUTS! So, to save all of our collective sanities, I've come up with some pretty clever tools to help you end waste! PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions is one of very few businesses that solves your inefficiencies on multiples fronts, including operations, personal, physical, environmental, energy and wellbeing- everything you need to stay at the top of your game...I know, right! Ready to take your business to the next level?”

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