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Easy DIY Re-Opening Contactless Form

If you’ve recently re-opened your establishment or plan to re-open and you’re looking for a contactless way to gather information from your clients, customers or patron, try this simple Google form which allows you to collect the information online. Clients never need to use a communal pen, paper or clipboard!
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Go Digital: Re-Open Sooner and Reduce COVID Exposure

Many businesses are returning to work after many months at home. With new PPE regulations in place, businesses are looking for ways to protect themselves, their workers and their clients or customers. Day to day operations that we used to take for granted like filling out a Contact Info or…
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Set Up Your Home Office for Increased Productivity and Efficiency

The sudden appearance of the Coronavirus has turned the work world upside down. Many employees have been told to work from home but had little or no preparation for this. While some may work from home occasionally outside of office hours, it may not be set up as a spot…
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