Easy DIY Re-Opening Contactless Form

Safe Contactless Forms

If you’ve recently re-opened your establishment or plan to re-open and you’re looking for a contactless way to gather information from your clients, customers or patron, try this simple Google form which allows you to collect the information online. Clients never need to use a communal pen, paper or clipboard!

The pandemic has had a pivotal effect on all businesses, now more than ever, we’re seeing how much technology and being online can help our businesses adapt and pivot so you can continue to interact with clients and customers. Electronic forms are an important part of this transition.

Electronic or digital forms allow you to collect a wide range of information from potential or long term clients or customers which can then be used to engage them more and find out how best you can help them.

Sample Online Forms

Easy DIY Re-Opening Contactless Form

Forms can be pretty basic if you just want contact information or multifunctional if you want more in depth information. For instance, instead of asking for something general like ‘comment’ at the end of a form, you can be more specific and ask ‘Where did you learn about us?’ and then build your form so that it provides a list of options like LinkedIn, Facebook, Chamber of Commerce, A Friend, Trade Show etc.

Manual Form AttributesOnline Form Attributes
Time consuming3-5x faster than manual forms
Error proneMuch less likely to have errors
Not in a usable formatUsable on multiple formats (databases, spreadsheets, CRM’s…)
Manual Forms vs. Online Forms

Asking more specific questions will provide better data that can inform sales or marketing strategies, drive revenue, measure performance and murch more!

The beauty of online forms is that they are so flexible and adaptable to suit any need that your business might have. But the forms are only as useful and the information that’s in them. Some of the industries that benefit most from utilizing online or eForms include:

  • Accounting
  • Building and Construction
  • Education
  • Health and Dental
  • Law
  • Real Estate
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Wellness

Building a really robust form can provide a plethora of information and data that will inform every business decision from growth and scaling to strategic direction.

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