Go Digital: Re-Open Sooner and Reduce COVID Exposure

Go Digital: Re-Open Sooner and Reduce COVID Exposure

Many businesses are returning to work after many months at home. With new PPE regulations in place, businesses are looking for ways to protect themselves, their workers and their clients or customers. Day to day operations that we used to take for granted like filling out a contact info or registration form can cause anxiety and discomfort, not to mention extra work for staff.

Filling out forms and paperwork is a necessity in all businesses. Digital or electronic forms allow us to move manual tasks online and also allows us to access them remotely. They help us gather pertinent information from clients, customers, suppliers, registrants etc. and provide the main content for our databases and client management tools. Basically, businesses need them to survive.

So how can something so vital become a threat to your clients and staff? According to recent pandemic information, it is possible for a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it, and then touching their mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. Although this is not thought to be the primary means of transmission, it is still a threat. Some studies indicate that the virus can live on cardboard, copper, plastic, and metal – think pens, for varying amounts of time up to three days.

Hand washing and regular cleaning of surfaces, pens and clipboards, may help reduce the risk of spreading or contracting the virus, but a simplifier, more effective way is the remove the threat altogether by giving patrons the opportunity to fill out forms online.

Online forms provide benefits to both businesses and patrons or clients. Besides not exposing either party to the virus, here some other fantastic benefits of online forms:

Benefits to businesses

• Reduce spelling errors and misinterpreted words significantly
• Reduce or eliminate name spelling errors – no one misspells their own name
• Capture information, process it and store it all in one step instead of doing all three separately
• Capture information and make it readily available for use on other platforms or other functions
• Free up staff time for other tasks
• Reduce redundancy
• Person’s information is ready prior to appointment or meeting
• Make corrections and updates easily, quickly and remotely

Benefits to Clients

• Save significant time spent filling out personal information
• Fill forms out at home on your own time in comfort
• Reduce travel time, you don’t have to arrive extra early to fill out forms
• Reduce redundancy
• Make corrections and updates easily, quickly and remotely

Online forms are one of fastest and simplest ways to increase productivity, efficiency, and customer/client satisfaction. Which form you choose can depend on several factors including how it will be used, by whom and for what result – the possibilities are endless. We can work with your web developer to embed your forms online so you can re-open faster, with confidence and reduce the risk for your staff and your clients. Book a complimentary 20-minute discovery call to learn how we can help you move your intake process online and re-open with a peace of mind.