PLANIT! Solar Blinds

The solution to window glare discomfort and screen glare visibility that also blocks damaging UV rays.


PlanIt! Solar Blinds Disruptive Technology

PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ were first invented in Canada for NASA’s Apollo space program to protect astronauts and the shuttle from radiation.  They have since become an award-winning, disruptive technology for commercial and residential applications providing immediate energy savings upon installation.

PlanIt! Efficiency Solutions provides full service, energy efficiency solutions especially for challenging window applications including skylights, atriums, solariums, and window walls in condominiums, cottages, hotels, restaurants and heritage homes.

PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ are the ideal solution for a variety of industries looking to reduce utility costs, improve aesthetics and occupant health including education, hospitality, food and beverage, government and architecture. 

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Solutions for Special Window Challenges

Residential Solutions

Enjoy unobstructed views and natural daylight while regulating temperature, glare and UV penetration. Eco-friendly comfort all year-round.

Industry Solutions

Treat occupants like royalty and improve aesthetics without hot zones, drafts or glare. You will enjoy this eco-friendly, low maintenance option

Architectural Solutions

Showcase your designs the way they were intended to be seen and enjoyed with high function customized fitted panels that reduce costs. Stylish and efficient.

Value-added benefits

No Emissions

Free from emissions and made from food-grade PVC. Reduces carbon footprint​​


It is 3x more cost effective to save a watt of energy than recycle a watt of energy​

Less Maintenance​

Reduces wear and tear on HVAC equipment and heating and cooling usage​

100% ROI

The only blind product on the market that will pay for itself usually in under 6 years

Check Out Our Styles

Windows are the most inefficient part of the building structure. Windows account for 50% or more of energy costs and waste. With the proper fitting, style and product like PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™, you can reduce costs by up to 40% and reduce heat loss through windows from 50% to 15% year-round!

Fitted Panels

Seamless look, blends into existing window style and frame.

Roller Shades

Classic style. Flexible for any decor. Motorized and manual options available.

Vertical Blinds

Control the direction of glare by adjusting the angle of the slats. Made to fit any window.

DIY Portable Shades

Use in multiple windows throughout the day to block glare using adjustable tension rod.

Safety | convenience | comfort

Fire Resistant

Zero rated fire spread index

Safe for Children

Our magnetic panels are custom fitted and do not use cords like roller blinds or veriticals

Privacy and Security

Panels act like 2-way mirror providing daytime privacy and nighttime security and visibility

Professional Installation

Our team comprises of certified Project Managers, a Master Electrician, Engineers, window blind Designers and installers with decades of experience in multiple industries.

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Establishments that Use Our Solar Blind Product

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