Who doesn’t love a well-designed space that maximizes the natural light coming through a picture window or a view that perfectly captures every sunset? Both the Architect and the buyer are heavily invested in their projects, however what may look good on paper and in real life, may also be subject to some undesirable outcomes. Function and fashion don’t always mix.


When you invest in a home, you want to enjoy as much of it as possible but some floor plans although beautiful, are not always functional creating glare, drafts and damage to content damage. Protect your family and your treasures from damaging UV rays and high utility bills. Our eco-friendly solar blind technology also gives you privacy and security to keep everyone safe.


Skylights can make any dark and dreary room come to life with natural light. They can make a small space look big. But in some rooms, this can be problematic when you want to sleep or work and there is too much light or glare and heat. Skylight shades only mask the problem and do little to combat the heat. PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ allow you to use your skylight the way it was intended minus the glare, heat and draft.


Sunrooms and 4-season rooms allow you to bring the outdoors inside and enjoy the beauty of seasons after a long day. Although beautiful, they can also be a source of heat infiltration and can cause significant damage to furniture and untreated fabrics. With PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™, you can reap the benefits of your sunroom all year long while protecting your furniture


Window Walls

Window walls are dramatic and stunning. Even though they may use the most efficient material available and may have been tinted to reduce glare, they are still very inefficient and trap a significant amount of heat. To maintain the aesthetics and drama of the design without the damage and discomfort, apply PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ custom fitted panels and enjoy 92-95% UV protection and 85% less heat gain all year long.

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