Enhance occupant comfort and the aesthetics of your décor while lowering heating and cooling costs? Yes, it’s possible! PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ are designed with small perforations that allow 90% visibility to outside while providing full daytime privacy. Our innovative solar blind technology was designed to combat the most common heating and cooling challenges that can seriously impact occupant comfort, operating costs and energy conservation efforts. Our transparent, insulating design reduces humidity, prevent drafts, blocks 92-95% of damaging UV rays, sunlight and glare without sacrificing natural light. This eco-friendly, sustainable, clean technology regulates room temperature year-round by reducing heat penetration by 85% in hot weather and drafts in cooler weather. The result, you pay up to 40% less for heating and cooling costs and lower maintenance fees.

Construction & Real Estate

With so much competition, you want to present your properties in a way that offers buyers and lessors the best value for their investment dollars. Reducing heating and cooling costs by 40% will significantly boost your Net Operating Income unlike window film which may control the sunlight but also traps heat or window film which also traps heat and may void the warranty. Our solar technology/product regulates indoor temperature year-round, controls humidity and insulates windows to lower utility costs while providing 90% visibility.


Poor or artificial lighting affects us in both subtle and obvious ways. Students need a better alternative. Natural sunlight has a huge impact the health, moods, wellness and even our ability to retain information. Studies show that exposure to natural light during the day improves alertness, concentration and energy levels. This leads to better test scores, attendance and behavior. PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ is designed to be both safe and low maintenance while allowing in 90% natural light all year long to improve student wellness and performance.


Government spending is under heavy scrutiny. Tax payers want to know that their tax dollars are being used efficiently and appropriately. Governments at all levels are challenged with reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. They are seeking cost-effective ways of implementing clean tech, energy efficient products and services that meet the requirements of the Paris Agreement. PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ not only qualify for 6 LEED points, they also surpass many of the requirements of the Agreement and provide an ROI on average within 3-6 years in addition to the wellness benefits of providing 90% visibility to outside, natural sunlight, less glare and a brighter working environment.

Health & Wellness

Your clinic or facility will have a bright welcoming feel that will put your clients at ease and you will enjoy the lower utility costs needed to keep equipment or facilities running 24/7. Decor and energy efficiency are often compromised in these environments as is client privacy. Dark blinds and artificial can take away aesthetics, impact mood and create or enhance feelings of anxiety. PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ addresses all of these challenges encouraging frequent visits, comfort and lower operating costs for you! 

Hospitality & Hotels

Transform your guests’ experience and the aesthetics of your décor while lowering heating and cooling costs. PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ allows 90% visibility to outside to bring the outdoors in while providing full daytime privacy. Our unique technology regulates room temperature year-round by reducing heat penetration by 85% in hot weather and drafts in cooler weather. The result, you pay up to 40% less for heating, cooling and maintenance costs and guess don’t experience rooms that are ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’. You no long need to replace expensive furniture, fabrics or artwork damaged by UV rays.


Purchasers make quicker buying decisions when they can clearly see what they’re purchasing. Dark spaces, shadows and glare from sunlight lead to discomfort and strain for weary shoppers and may prevent them from seeing the products properly which can lead to higher returns once the item is seen in the proper light. Expensive artwork and furniture also suffer when exposed to damaging UV rays. Our eco-friendly, low maintenance shades and blinds will protect your investments and your shoppers. 

Restaurants & Cafes

Two of the most uncomfortable experiences a patron can have in your restaurant is a dark and depressing environment or one so bright that they can’t see their food or their companion. When it comes to setting the mood, aesthetics and decor are important too; but this can also be costly for the owner. To protect your customers and your contents you need window covering that are non-toxic, durable, very easy to clean and maintain and offers utility savings that lower operating costs. Our blinds also provide the added benefits of full privacy from outside viewing in the day and full visibility to inside at night for security. Privacy and Scenery

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