From the halls at NASA to your business or home, PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ are no regular blinds.

How Our Solar Blind Technology Works

Our blinds do more than just filter light. This innovative technology was invented in Canada and initially used by NASA for their Apollo Space Program to protect astronauts and spacecraft equipment from solar radiation while regulating temperature to provide a balanced environment in the space crafts despite the extreme external temperature.

This is the only product in this category that has been lab tested independently by energy professionals to support its claims and further supported using infrared technology.

The Human Factor

PlanIt! Comfort Optimization Blinds™ vs. Commercial Blinds

Support Your Green Initiatives

How we support your  Green Goals and Supplier Diversity initiatives

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Reduces carbon emissions by 30%

Green House Gas Emissions

Reduce green house gas emissions

Diverse Supplier

Source from a 100% woman-owned, Canadian-owned and operated certified local business

Source Responsibly

The material used to make our technology is eco-friendly, food-grade PVC. The aluminum used has less than 0.05% emissions

Grants and Incentives

Various grants and incentives are available to companies that take proactive steps to combat climate change and lower Greenhouse Gases (GHG's)

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