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Organize your taxes with ease using my 3-step system. Learn how to prepare throughout the year for any tax season and how to end last minute chaos. Stay organized and lower you tax preparation fees!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. All PlanIt! Solar Blinds come with a 10 year warranty on parts and material. However, many  buyers have had their product for 25+ years and still enjoy the same quality as when they first installed them.

Yes. PlanIt! Solar Blind products are made from a food-grade, eco-friendly PVC material and are 99.95% emissions free. They are safe alternative for schools, hospitals, hotels, senior’s facilities and more!

No. Because the material is not a ‘fabric’, it only comes in silver/dark gray colour. This allow the material to provide industry leading UV protection (92–95%), heat absorption in cold months and heat deflection in warm months.

No. Scaling up involves strategically putting a plan and tools in place to increase efficiency and output WITHOUT increasing costs or human resources. This usually means using technology and automating tasks.

Growth involves increasing output and increasing the physical size of your operations (staff and or capacity), but not necessarily in an efficient or cost-effective manner.